Virtuoso People

While our service is about implementing effective processes and harnessing the right technology, Virtuoso is first and foremost about people. Everything we do is underpinned by brilliant account management.

We will take great care to build the best possible team for your Virtuoso, bringing together some of the industry’s leading recruitment and HR professionals. We pick the people that will reflect your culture best – ensuring they fit and feel like an internal appointment – they’ll also bring an external market view and deep-rooted commercial acumen.

Above all, we create teams with the experience and abilities to make an impact within your business. So, as well as an enviable background in your sector or business area, we’ll make sure they have the skillset to help you drive positive change. We’ll ensure that they are fully immersed in your Values and we always ask that they receive the full induction programme you would give any other new member of your team. From there, we equip them with everything they need – backing them up with a wealth of resources and cross-functional expertise. It’s an unbeatable combination that promises to deliver the best in the business.

We apply the same approach to the companies we appoint through our Agency & Vendor Preferred Supplier List (PSL). To join that list, a supplier must be an expert in their field, with a strong reputation and impeccable business ethics.

Above all else, any supplier has to be aligned to your Values and culture. Then, once we’ve appointed the suppliers, we open clear communications channels – engaging with the PSL to keep them informed and maintain healthy business relationships.

With you we’ll create and develop the best team.