Why You Need Virtuoso

We created Virtuoso to help organisations develop their internal attraction and recruitment solutions by engaging with experienced, capable recruitment professionals – a simple way to bring outside expertise in – wherever you are located.

We’re not big on labels. Call us an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcer), MSP (Managed Services Provider) or Master Vendor if you like: we can be all of these things, and more. But we believe that your business needs more than a label. Our expertise lies in working with employers large and small to design an end-to-end process that’s truly tailored to your needs.

We create and promote your employer brand, ensuring you present a compelling identity built around your Values. We identify and attract the right talent for your team, working to engage the best possible candidates in the marketplace.

And we develop an assessment and selection process around the skills, experience, and cultural fit you need, helping you to turn the best candidates into the right hire.

Throughout it all, we offer an approach that matches a strict sense of governance and compliance with a personal touch and on-site care that can be delivered personally or virtually. So, at every stage of the candidate journey, we will ensure that communications are clear, processes are implemented sensitively, and people are engaged every step of the way.

People really are at the heart of what we do. So even though we’ll always create efficiencies and improvements in candidate quality, time to hire and even on the cost of delivery, we’ll also make sure that everyone involved – from senior stakeholders to temporary resources – has a positive experience and outcome.

Our service is designed to feel different. To be different. To become a part of your strategy and the core of your delivery. Virtuoso belongs to you: our role is to help design, manage, develop and protect it on your behalf.